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Lawn and Landscape Services

Zoomscapes provides a wide variety of services that enhance the aesthetic value of your property.  Meeting the expectation of quality in every aspect of a full-service lawn care business is our first commitment to our clients.

Zoomscapes provide landscaping and lawn care to both residential and commercial properties in metro Louisville and surrounding areas.

Services provided by Zoomscapes professional teams include:


  • Mowing services for that aesthetic curb appeal.
    • Edging
    • Trimming
    • Basic lawn striping patterns
    • Clean driveways and walkways.
  • Rejuvenating your turf and restoring its healthy, green luster.
    • Power seeding your lawn in the fall
    • Aeration with over seeding of your lawn
    • Dethatching
    • Soil preparation
    • Sodding
  • Our team includes connections with professionals for,
    • lawn fertilization and weed control
    • Irrigation systems
    • Large tree work and stump grinding
    • Soil work and grading


As you ‘spring clean’ the inside of your home you also, need to ‘spring clean’ your lawns, flower beds, and other landscaping.

  • Remove the natural and man-made debris from your lawn and planting beds.
    • Dead grass, dead leaves, tree branches, stalks, etc.
    • Pruning shrubs
    • Mulching
    • Soil preparation
    • Tilling
    • Making raised beds
    • Making landscaping berms


Ignoring fallen leaves can lead to several protentional problems for your lawn/grass. 

Such as:

  • turf diseases from blocking sunlight and air circulation
  • Improper grass growth from weight of leaves
  • Roots may rot from leaf holding moisture
  • These issues may kill the grass
  • Also, slippery leaves on walks, drives, and lawns are a safety issues
    • Mulching leaves
    • Leaf blowing and vacuum
    • Complete Leaf removal


  • Landscape beds receive our attention to details as we edge, weed, and do a general debris cleanup.
  • Mulching with a variety of colors or high-quality natural mulches
  • Trimming and pruning of trees and shrubs
  • Planting seasonal color with annual flowers


The benefits of a beautiful patio area and fresh ‘up to date’ landscape beds are for your personal enjoyment and an increase to your property value.  Our landscape team considers both the aesthetics as well as drainage and other practical issues.

  • Landscape installation/construction includes removal of old plants.
  • Creating or sizing new or existing beds
  • Creating patios, walkway, rock beds, and retaining walls with various materials

Pavers          Natural stone          Interlocking modular walls

  • Creating landscape beds
  • Bordering landscape beds
  • Planting new shrubs, plants, trees.
    • Working with you on the selection process
  • Water features

Contact us today for our comprehensive approach to landscaping. We proudly serve customers in Louisville, Kentucky, and surrounding communities throughout the metro area.