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About Us

Make the right choice when it comes to your partner for landscaping services in Louisville, KY. ZoomScapes has a defined mission to serve the client with the best products and services available. We do more than just mow your yard and trim the bushes. Our approach involves collaborating with the customer at every step of the process. We want your home to reflect your commitment to the community.

Our passion for landscaping and a commitment to helping the customer realize their dreams have driven this company since its founding in 2009. We continue to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations through a focus on transformative landscape installation and ongoing maintenance.

A thriving landscape can improve the value of your home and the quality of life for everyone living there. When you decide to renovate your existing landscape, you need a professional with a broad understanding of local plants and trees. As you develop an ongoing plan for maintenance, you need flora and fauna that are native to this area. Through a combination of smart design and responsive support, we have become a local leader in this industry.

A Handyman with a Green Thumb

Our story began nearly two decades ago when our current owner Jason Hughes decided to leave his office job and pursue his passion for landscaping. While he was building a career for someone else in the corporate world, Jason had the idea of becoming a handyman for local homeowners. He left that job to start his own business, which eventually became Zoom Home Services, Inc.

Excelling at Landscaping

Jason offered a broad array of services for those in need of a handyman, but many began to notice how he separated himself from others when it came to landscaping services. After ten years in this business, we changed our name to ZoomScapes, Inc. to showcase our focus on landscaping installation and maintenance.

Contact us today to learn how our landscaping services can keep your surroundings looking great. We proudly serve customers in Louisville, Kentucky, and surrounding communities throughout the metro area.